Our main GameFi is a Card based Soccer Manager + Fifa playing style.
Card based Gameplay Stage
In the card base gameplay stage, a player would be able to equip their team with their NFTs (Land/Stadium, Player, Mascot) to optimize the overall stats of his team. He can choose the formation and tactics (e.g. a 4-3-3, focusing more on attack) to counter the opponents which he is facing.
FIFA Playing Style Stage
Once the NFTs are finalized and the formation fixed, the player starts the game match. The game match is available in two game modes.
Manual Mode - whereby the player can control the footballers individually, similar to FIFA type of game play. Depending on the player’s skill, he can influence up to 30% of the final game match result through manually controlling the footballers.
Auto Mode - whereby after choosing the formation and tactics, the player can watch a simulated AI game play in which the results would be determined by the AI based on the tactics, overall stats, etc of both teams.
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